The Importance of Doing Yoga


Have you ever done Yoga? What do you feel, is it a fun or even boring exercise? Hmm…

Yoga is well known in the field of health and developed by the Hindus about 5000 years ago. It focuses on meditation, which is considered as a process of approaching nature. In the past, Hindus believe that nature has a lot of power which is owned by spirits. Therefore, the spirits will give them the power. However, it is just belief in the past. Today, people do yoga for getting special purposes, such as healing illnesses and reducing stress.

One special purpose of doing yoga is for healing illnesses. For example, the slow movement of our body that becomes a part of yoga can burn out our fat. It is same like a small exercise. Fat, as we know, is not healthy because there is a pile of mutton that planted in the body. Taking a deep breath when we are doing yoga is also healthy because it flows out the toxics that we have. It is very useful for people who have lung illnesses, such as asthmatic, bronchitis, and Tuberculosis (TBC). But, other illnesses are also possible to heal.

A special purpose of doing yoga is to reduce stress. It focuses on meditation where we are asked to sit and keep quiet. It is a very effective way to reduce stress because keep on silence makes us easy if we want to do everything. We can imagine how stressful we are in our activities (from sleep to wake up), such as facing the traffic crowd when we go to work, having unkind bosses at the office and deadline is everywhere. Some people might say “what a terrible day!”. It means that we need a great relaxation to bring our selves on silence. It is the best way to reduce the stress.

Even though yoga seems old-fashioned for some people, it is very important to us who want a better life and health. Every one can do it because it does not like other treatments that are expensive. Of course, it has several advantages that other treatments do not have. Yoga can be applied in many ways, every where, and whenever. We can also do yoga alone without disturbance. So, it is really interesting and important for people who do not have enough money to visit a doctor or other kinds of treatments.


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